An unprecedented economic turnaround signed by “Suhail Holding Group”

A race with high-end industry and high technology in the State of Qatar.

An unprecedented economic turnaround with the signing of “Suhail Holding Group”.

Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mubarak Al Thani to “Business Class”: The listing of “Suhail Holding” on the Qatar Stock Exchange within two years


Suhail Holding is the only group that recycles all kinds of metals in the world.
The government paid the group workers’ wages, postponed installments, and provided electricity and water for free from March 2020 until March 2021, i.e. for a full year.
Suhail Holding factories depend on first-class practical efficiency, continuous training on modern equipment, and the employment of distinguished experts and specialists in this field.
500 million riyals is the volume of Suhail Holding’s investments in 2020
Implementation of projects worth 3 billion riyals in favor of works
We cover the needs of Qatar 100% with all minerals
The opening of two metal recycling plants in Ethiopia during the first quarter of next year
Our overseas expansions include establishing factories in Thailand, Germany, following the end of the Corona pandemic


Business Class: Mayada Abu Khaled

Perhaps it is a special task, even a very special one, to achieve a shift in the investment trends of Qatari capital from the real estate field to another field, more sensitive and difficult and therefore risky, because the industry sector is not any sector at all, it has its money and the responsibility that is distributed in the two practical economic dimensions And then the moral patriot that stems from the conviction that the applications of the phrase “Made in Qatar” are what achieve the continuity of the active presence of this beautiful country on the world level.

The turning point was at the hands of the “Suhail Holding Group”, which deserves the title of “the locomotive of industrial development” in Qatar, by confronting a specialty involving a double added value that beautifies the environmental character on the one hand, as well as the economic dimension on the other hand..the recycling of waste materials and the exit of a product. A new professional industrialist summarizes the concerns of this group, which seems to be currently standing on the threshold of a promising local and global horizon, carrying with it the name of the State of Qatar to soar in the corners of this vast world.

In the context of the talk about the Suhail Holding Group..a lot of doses of optimism, the data that stimulate hope for a new horizon for industry in the State of Qatar..He Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mubarak Al Thani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Suhail Holding Group, has automatically ensured in the dialogue, and the momentum of intense administrative and technical expertise Which is acquired by … by shedding light on the details of an unprecedented economic shift in the region, which the State of Qatar records as a milestone that deserves a careful follow-up and careful reading of its facts … and here we start the dialogue:

The Suhail Holding Group has become too famous for us to try to define it..but at the beginning of this dialogue, a glimpse of this large industrial edifice must be presented to the reader with your signature ??

** Suhail Holding Group as an idea that started in 2011 and its first factory was the lead factory for recycling batteries, work was carried out in 2012 and the beginning of production was in 2014, and thanks to God, after two years of success in the world of recycling, our investment appetite has opened towards greater challenges, and industries have been acquired. Another is in metal recycling, and the group decided to specialize in recycling all types of metals, and establish factories for this in all their forms and types .. After the lead factory for battery recycling, a factory for recycling plastic batteries, a factory for recycling copper, and also a factory for recycling aluminum and a factory for separating metals.

A tale of persistence and success

Allow us to bring the picture closer to those who ask about the details … the language of numbers always substitute for lengthy explanation..What is the order of your group at the level of the Qatari economy ??

** The reality is that the three factories that were established after the success we achieved from the first factory were established in 2017 and it is a real challenge to the forceful conditions that the country went through from the siege, the siege that resulted in an insistence to mobilize the potentials under the guidance and vision of His Highness the Emir towards self-reliance and self-sufficiency, By providing our needs by ourselves without submitting to any external party, that is, we make what we need ourselves, from here the trend was towards establishing the three factories simultaneously.

We started in 2017 and construction was completed and factories started at the beginning of 2019, which is really a record time .. and now, thanks to God, we have become the Suhail Holding Group, the largest industrial group in Qatar in terms of the number of factories and investment value, and the largest partner of the Development Bank in its investments with a local company. The volume of investments exceeded 300 million riyals – here we are talking only about investments in the Development Bank – as for the volume of the group’s investments as direct financing from partners, it amounted to 200 million riyals .. Therefore, the total investments of the Suhail Holding Group in 2020 amounted to about 500 million Qatari riyals.

An ambition that crosses borders

In the economy in general and its investment side in is always associated with ambition – and as you know ambition is a necessary and essential condition for success – Would you please talk about your ambition in the Suhail Holding Group and the horizon that you set as a goal on the level of developing your business on an investment level, as well as at the level of Target markets ??

** We proceed in our dealings with our business out of great confidence, which is the basis of the ambition contained in the vision of the group, which seeks to cover the country’s needs from any strategic projects it appears to need .. And we recently participated in the local producers forum held by the Public Works Authority (Ashghal) in The Qatar Chamber last September, and there was a proposal for the so-called five-year plan from 2021 to 2025, with a value of 12 billion riyals for works projects in the Qatari market for local factories, whether already existing, or new projects .. And it was interesting.