National Factory for Aluminium

Another regional first-of-its-kind for the group comes in the form of the Aluminium National Factory, which like its copper-orientated counterpart occupies 10,000 m² within Doha’s industrial area. We are widely acknowledged as the leading aluminium recycling facility in Qatar with significant technical knowledge in the aluminium recycling process. Thus, we are able to ensure the best output levels are achieved to produce quality aluminium ingots and sows catered to the clients’ specifications. Substantial investments have seen this facility outfitted with the most advanced applicable technologies and machinery, imported in this case from Spain, Austria, and Germany.

The facility produces aluminium base metals from Automotive casting, Extrusions, Wheels, Radiators, Wire and Cables, UBC and Sheets. The Facility also produces Aluminium Alloys like ADC12, LM6 or any other Alloy upon request by the client. Multiple smelting facilities housed within the factory allow us to achieve an overall smelting capacity of 40,000 metric tonnes per year, split across a 3-chamber furnace (15,000 MT) and a single rotary-tilting furnace (25,000 MT).

With a particular emphasis on metal cleanliness, analytical accuracy and compositional consistency. Therefore our clients can enjoy products with premium quality and upmost satisfaction.

National Factory for Copper

The National Factory of Copper which occupies a total area of 10,000 m² in the heart of the city of Doha’s modern industrial area, stands as the first of its kind in the region. Fully fitted out with automatic lines, advanced process controls, and the latest in copper-machining technology. 

We are able to guarantee that all products manufactured within this factory will possess minimal surface defects and Copper Oxide, thereby maintaining lowest Oxygen levels for premium product specifications. The factory specialises in the manufacturing of Copper rods, ingots and bullions in accordance with international specifications, for which it has a total manufacturing capacity of 25,000 metric tonnes per year facilitated by the latest technology from France, Italy, Russia, and Germany. We manufacture 8 mm Cu-FRHC (fire-refined, high-conductivity) Copper Rods, Bullions and Ingots. We use secondary copper to produce Cu-FRHC that’s commonly used to make power cables, building wiring, and many other electrical wire products. 

As One of the top National Factory in Qatar, We take Pride in our premium products of copper bullions and ingots, produced in accordance to our clients specifications following international standards to the highest degree.