About Rassas

This factory was in fact the group’s first foray into industrial projects, being established back in 2012. 

It is also the first privately owned battery recycling plant in the State of Qatar and the first in the country to obtain Environmental and Industrial Licenses to treat Lead Acid Batteries in accordance with UN BAT Norms. This highly modernised facility sits on a 5,000 m² plot within the Mesaieed Industrial Area, and is operated by a dedicated team of more than 30 employees who utilise the latest French,German, and Italian technology to recycle as much as 36,000 metric tonnes of lead acid batteries each year.

Once broken down the components are then crafted into products including ingots, bullions, lead paste powder, lead metal grids and gypsum, in line with our aim to reduce waste to near zero throughout all our facilities and operations. 

The plastic is recovered for conversion into recycled plastic polypropylene pellets. This is widely used for the production of plastic furniture and the automotive industry.




At Rassas we have thus implemented a closed-loop recycling system allowing us to manage the lead battery recycling process from start to finish. The lead products from Rassas are used by an internationally known battery manufacturer in Korea. 

The batteries produced using our raw materials are then sold back in Qatar. We recognise lead batteries are integral to essential products and services such as the automotive industry, railways, back-up for mobile telecoms and data centres. Thus by using our closed-loop recycling we are able to supply batteries to  the local market while reducing the impact on the environment.

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