Terms & Conditions:

1-Invoice Submission:

*Invoices with delivery note must be submitted to the Accounts Department /Procurement Department within 4 days from the delivery

date (For Local Supplier Only).

*Invoices must clearly show the purchase order number, be itemized & descriptive as shown in the order and duly signed.

*Invoices will not be considered for payment until all goods & documentation are completed unless otherwise agreed in advance.


Each Item shall be tagged of any non-destructible material securely wired on and clearly showing model No, Description items, and

Tag Nos.

3-Packing & Marking:

All individual crates pallets and packages to be suitably packed and marked as follows:

Purchase Order Number: Consignee name

4-Delivery Terms:

*No Deliveries or partial deliveries to be made without authorization from the Consignee

5-Delivery Instruction & Documentation:

When requesting delivery instructions, a detailed packing list showing the weight and dimension of each and every case, crate, HS

Code, and country of Origin. Should be sent to

Mr. Mahesh

Email : Mahesh.lingala@shail-metails.com

Email : anandan.m@shail-metals.com

Tel: +974 70437909

Tel : +974 77151725

6-General Instruction:

This Purchase Order is not valid unless its signed.

*No changes or amendments may be made without written permission from Procurement Manger

* Shail Holding Group: reserve the right of partial or complete return of material if its defected, damaged, expired or does not

comply with specifications and required delivery date.

*Liquidated damage will be applied in case the Vendor failed to supply all or any part of the goods after the agreed delivery date,

shall be liable for penalty 1% value of the undelivered goods per week up to maximum 10%.


We reserve the right to visit your Facilities to inspect and test the goods during and/or after the completion of the manufacturing but

prior to dispatch (if required).

Vendor should notify Shail Holding Group, 2 Weeks in advance, prior to the actual delivery time of materials to arrange Witness

Inspection/Testing the Units (if required)

Note:  Inspection or the waiver of inspection in no way absolves you or your sub-contractors from the responsibility of abiding by

our technical specifications.

8-WARRANTY (Optional)

The seller shall replace or repair free of charge any goods which are or become defective within

a period of 18 months from the date of delivery at site or 12 months from putting into service, whichever is later and also as a result

of faulty design, erroneous instruction or user data, inadequate

or faulty material or workmanship.

Such Replacements or repairs shall themselves be subject to the above obligations for a period of 12 months after replacement or